What training does a healthcare assistant need? 

Have you ever considered training to become a healthcare assistant in the UK? You’re not alone! Healthcare assistants do a job that takes time, energy and a lot of training to hone their skills - and it’s a job that not many can do. To be a healthcare assistant, you need to have a level of compassion that is not necessary in many other roles. It’s a rewarding and emotionally difficult career, but it’s the kind of career that will attract you if taking care of others is your calling. 
What is a Healthcare Assistant and What Do They Do? 
Healthcare assistants have many different names. Some of the job descriptions may state: 
● Nursing Assistant 
● Carer 
● Domiciliary carer 
● Support worker 
Healthcare assistants work under the direction of seasoned healthcare professionals such as nurses to provide high-quality care to their clients. They look after the young, elderly and everyone in between, whether physically or cognitively unwell in hospital settings, home care or 
care home settings. 
Some of the duties include: 
● Helping people shower and get dressed 
● Serving food or feeding patients 
● Supporting people to move from place to place 
● Making beds and keeping people comfortable 
● Monitoring health status and supporting the nurse 
● Socialsing and supporting people to access the local community 
What Entry Requirements are Needed? 
The UK has not imposed specific qualifications to start working as a health care assistant. Usually it’s only things such as good literacy skills, numeracy skills, a keen grasp of the English language and basic GCSEs which are needed. However, there are some options for on the job 
training that are available for healthcare assistants. 
What Training will Healthcare Assistants Need? 
Your training on the job will shape you into a healthcare assistant who can then grow and develop in the role.There are apprenticeships available to study NVQs in healthcare, these will need to be completed within a set time frame. Usually, these certifications can help you to rise up the ranks of seniority and improve your outlook for your career. Some people choose to train as a healthcare assistant with a view to studying nursing later on. 
Through an apprenticeship or training, you can qualify for higher levels of qualifications - 
including degree-level qualifications. The usually mandatory training is covered in the Care Certificate. This course goes through 15 standards of care, from safeguarding people to personal care. If you are looking for Care Certificate training or individual courses on specific aspects of care. The Leicestershire Training 
Team offer both face to face and online training. Feel free to give us a call to find out more or 
check out our e-learning courses here. 
A Career in Demand 
The healthcare industry always wants to grow care assistants into newer and better roles. They are in great demand in the UK and whether you want to go into a hospital, a care home, a community role or more, you can find roles that suit you the best. There are often good 
remuneration packages, benefits and more. Healthcare assistant roles are currently in great demand in the UK. 
If your dream is to go into nursing, you will be able to with a starting point of healthcare assistance. You can grow into the healthcare industry as a whole, and you will be able to remain in an industry that will always want to utilise your skills and expertise. 
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