Basic Food Hygiene Training 

Over 2.4 million people in the UK experience food-borne illness each year. That's enough to make anyone's stomach turn! This course can teach your staff to prevent them from causing food-borne illness.  



What is Food Hygiene Training Course? 

Food hygiene is about one thing, preventing others from becoming unwell when they consume food. The 4Cs of food hygiene; cleaning, cooking, chilling and cross contamination make all the difference.  
The Food Standards Agency state that anyone who may touch food, come into contact with surfaces where food is prepared; even those in the same room where food is being prepared, count as a food handler. All food handlers are at risk of contaminating food, especially the ones without any training. 
Statistics show that over 2.4 million people in the UK are living with a food-borne illness such as Taeniasis and Trichinosis, Viral gastroenteritis, Botulism, Brucellosis, and Hepatitis A, among others. This has caused an increase in the need for healthcare professionals to administer assistance to these patients. It has also led to an increasing need to educate persons who handle food to know and implement the right measures to ensure food is safe to be consumed. This is where Leicestershire Training Group comes in! 
Under our basic food hygiene training course, your employees would be trained by a team of certified and experienced nurses on the various food safety and hygiene requirements, such as the standards prescribed by the Food Standards Agency. Employees would also be educated on the 4Cs of food hygiene, namely: cleaning, cooking, chilling, and cross-contamination. 

What Are The Benefits of This Food Hygiene Training Course? 

Food plays a significant role in your daily activities. This is because it provides nourishment and ensures good health. However, the state of your food is equally important. Contaminated food contains viruses, germs, bacteria, and other harmful elements. This could cause various diseases, such as cancers and diarrhoea. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your healthcare employees receive adequate training concerning food safety and hygiene – no matter the kind. The Leicestershire Training Group has you covered with our comprehensive Food Hygiene Training Course! 
There are plenty of benefits to undertaking this course, from your staff understanding how to effectively clean an area where food is stored, cooked and served through to knowing how to store food correctly. As with most things in the workplace, one thing can quickly lead to another. Not storing food correctly can lead to an infestation within your premises; something no one wants. Our course also emphasises the importance of integrating robust food hygiene practices into your management system to maintain high-quality services and prevent risks of contamination. 
Among the benefits of protecting people, is minimising staff sickness and infestations. This course also helps your staff achieve a higher food hygiene rating during inspections done by environmental officers or maintain the 5-star rating you currently own. 
Additionally, there are several benefits you can gain from taking this course with us. For instance, you can play your role to ensure your organisation is not a contributor to diseases among the populace. You would know the proper way to store food and the necessary preliminary steps that must be undertaken to ensure food is safe and hygienic. 
Upgrading the knowledge and skills of your employees brings about several benefits for your business, such as increased productivity, more revenue, and increased motivation. All these components come to play to ensure your business’s success. So, let us help you get there! Be sure to visit our website to learn more about our various courses and their benefits to help you select the right choices. 

Who’s It For Food Hygiene Training? 

If you are looking for an organisation focusing on training healthcare professionals and staff, come to the Leicestershire Training Group! Operating as an accredited and Skills for Care-endorsed organisation, the Leicestershire Training Group is dedicated to providing interactive courses to aid healthcare professionals in the progression of their careers. We also offer our expertise to businesses and staff members outside the care industry who handle food or require Food Hygiene Training. With a team of trainers consisting of professional and experienced nurses and first aid instructors, you are assured of getting a rounded and insightful education. 
If any of your staff are handling food, they need to know how to do it safety. Food hygiene training is not just for people cooking and preparing food; even if you're serving a cup of tea, or handling prepacked food, the training is needed. 

Why Choose Us 

Training was very fun and engaging and we all laughed so much, probably the best training I have had whilst at work. 
Joel - Carer (5 Star Google Review) 
Very informative, fun and engaging training! 
Lauren - Carer (5 Star Google Review) 
Very good training. They were really professional and easy going at the same time. We went through the quiz and the whole course was interactive and engaging. 5 stars! 
Irmina - Senior Carer (5 Star Google Review) 
Brilliant training, learnt more knowledge that’s gave me more confidence brill trainer to! 
Alison - Carer (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 

All of our courses include complimentary free certificates as well as handouts.  

Whats Covered? 
The whole session is taught in an interactive and engaging way, helping your staff to not only learn more, but remember more too: 
What is food hygiene 
What are food-borne illnesses 
What are food hygiene ratings 
How to undertake good housekeeping 
How Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) make all the difference 
How to maintain personal hygiene, including effective hand washing 
How to undertake a 6 step cleaning procedure  
How to store, chill, cook and reheat food safely 
What is food hygiene law and Natasha's law.  
Course Details  
Here are some details about the course to help you decide whether or not its for you.  
This is a 2 hour - half day course 
This course can be taught at your venue or via Zoom, whichever you prefer 
This course is certificated and handouts are provided for free 
The certification for the course lasts one year 
The course is taught by a professional with real experience of this topic 
The price of this course depends on the size of the group; however we pride ourselves on being affordable for all. please contact us for more information. 
Download Our Info Leaflet on Food Hygiene Training for more info! 

Training with the Leicestershire Training Team 

The Leicestershire Training Team provides a comprehensive level 2 food safety training course for those working or aspiring to work in the food business. Our online course and face-to-face courses are designed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills required to manage food safety systems and implement hygienic practices. Upon successful completion of the course, learners will be awarded a Level 2 Food Safety Certificate. This food hygiene certificate is recognised by many local authorities in the UK and is a requirement for those who wish to operate or sell food in line with current legislation. Learners must achieve a pass mark of 70% or higher in order to progress and receive their certificate from our e-learning platform. The Leicestershire Training Team provides the support and guidance needed to gain this essential qualification, helping learners make the most of their potential within the food industry. 
Training with us is a unique experience, with a potent mixture of fun, interactivity, real life experience and expert advice. We only use trained professionals, such as our nurse trainers, to deliver our training. This way you are taught by someone with real hands on experience. Additionally, we offer flexibility by offering in-person and Zoom calls to discuss various areas of study; We also include a healthy mixture of technology, games, interaction, and activities to keep sessions interactive, address individual concerns, and improve your staff’s skills and knowledge.  
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