We provide accredited, approved and endorsed e-learning for the healthcare industry, hospitality, corporations, construction and schools 

Our E-Learning 

As with all our training, we value delivering up to date knowledge, delivered by an expert in a fun and interactive way. Our e-learning courses are no different!  
You won't see any PowerPoint slides here! Oh no!  
All our e-learning courses are a one on one, animated and engaging series of bite-sized modules which interact directly with the learner. This not only makes the information easily to digest, but much more enjoyable and manageable too. There's nothing worse then being overloaded with information or having a dull screen to stare at. We've thought this through and offer something dynamic and dare we say enjoyable! 
We know employers want their team to be certificated and compliant. However there's no point having the certificate if the member of staff hasn't retained any of the information. This is why we don't have one 10 question exam at the end of the course. We know some people will just click their way through the course and quickly complete the training. The problem is, has the information been understood? Is the member of staff going to implement it to keep themselves and others' safe?  
With our e-learning system, you don't need to worry about a 2hr course taking only 2 minutes to 'complete'. Your team member will be able to prove their knowledge throughout the course so when they get their certificate, it actually means something.  
Pay As You Go Package 
Do you want to avoid being in a contract or subscription, but still want the benefits of e-learning? Well, this package is for you! 
Our Pay As You Go Package allows you to pick and choose which courses you want to do, when you want to do them. This allows you to be flexible with your learning. If things get busy, you can scale down the amount of courses, if things get quiet, you can buy some more!  
This package is also a great option for individuals as well as small groups.  
The benefits of our Pay As You Go Package include: 
No contract or subscriptions to worry about 
You can take your time with what you learn and when 
Ultimate flexibility to help balance your busy schedule 
You know your costs without needing to worry 
You get to print your certificate off when you want to 
If you would like look at our prices and our courses, click the links here 
Unlimited Package 
Do you want it all, and do you want it now? Well you can! 
Our Unlimited Package is what it says on the tin. Each learner has unlimited access to all the courses on the entire suite without needing to pay an extra penny.  
This package is perfect for companies looking to train their team, whether this is a team of up to 10 people, or a team of 5000 people; either way, we've got you covered.  
The benefits of our Unlimited Package include: 
One fixed monthly fee, so you know exactly what your training costs are.  
All learners can access all the courses. This means if you want your training to cover new topics you can without any hassle. 
You can change your business direction. With access to the entire suite of courses, you can train your staff in new skills, allowing your business to change. 
You can monitor, email and remind employees when their training is due, or allow our automated system to do it for you! Saves the admin and hassle. 
All your training is in one, ease to access portal for all your employees.  
If you would like more information on our Unlimited Package, including prices, implementation and more, please contact us and we'll be happy to help. 
What's Included? 
We always want your experience with us to be easy, enjoyable and on your own terms. This is why we've embedded our core values into the e-learning packages.  
Each course includes the following: 
No hidden charges or extra costs 
Complimentary certificates 
Printable certificates available straight after completing the course and passing the tests 
A course where you can start, stop and rewind whenever you need to 
Bite-sized, easily digestible and manageable modules 
Business E-Learning Courses 
Health & Social Care E-Learning Courses 
Health & Safety E-Learning Courses 
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