Revalidation Package 

Gain complete confidence with your revalidation by ensuring your documentation is perfect and your CPD training is up to date.  

Who’s It For? 

Our revalidation package is for registered UK nurses who need some help ensuring their paper work is completed fully, their training is up to date and for those who need their revalidation signed off by another registered nurse.  
If you need training, all our training is accredited, provided by a registered nurse and delivered via Zoom or face to face at your chosen site, depending on whats best for you. We provide all the equipment to carry out fun, interactive and engaging training, so you can get the most out of your session. 
If you need help with your paperwork and your confirmation, we can do this via Zoom or face to face too.  
Our Package  
Every three years the NMC will ask UK registered nurses to revalidate. This is to ensure that the standards of nursing within the UK are at the highest standard possible. Asking nurses to revalidate means that they need to do five specific things in order to stay on the register; and that's we're we come in to help you. 
We have three main packages to help you with what you need. See below for more details on packages and our fantasic pricing.  

Who Will Train You? 

Our commitment isn't just to ensure you enjoy your training; it's to ensure you gain valuable information too. This is why we only use experts to deliver our training sessions. Whether this is a registered nurse or an ex-fire fighter, we ensure your session has an expert with real hands-on experience sharing their knowledge with you.  
But not any expert will do! Not for us. We only use experts who have the interpersonal skills to bring information to life. Those rare few who have both an understanding of the industry and know how to engage and really educate a team. Like we said, we like to inspire too!  

Why Choose Us 

Completed my refresher training with Leicestershire training team, amazing dedicated team! Sessions were well organised and delivered in simple way meeting every individual’s learning needs! 
Filltoy (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 
This was such an informative session! It was really engaging because it enabled us to participate rather than just sit and listen/watch, we were able to speak about the topics and play little games that held importance of knowledge. 
Zainab (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 
I really enjoyed the training. It was very engaging and educational, a great hands-on experience. I found I had actually retained what I learned and can apply my newly-acquired knowledge to scenarios I find myself in 
Vanessa (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 
They made our training really enjoyable, I didn't once feel bored! I really appreciate and thank you taking the time out for us to help us learn. 
Feroza (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 
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All of our courses include complimentary free certificates as well as handouts. Click on a course to find out more info. 

Our Full Support Revalidation Package 

If this is your first time revalidating, it's important to ensure you get it right. It could become a big problem if not. With our full support package, we offer what we say, support with every aspect. 

Continuing Professional Development Revalidation Package 

Have you gained 35hrs of CPD training in order to revalidate? If not, you'll need some help! Click below for more information.  

Documentation & Confirmation Revalidation Package 

After all the effort of ensuring you've worked enough hours, you have done enough training, you've reflected and got insurance, its cruical you get a confirmer to sign you off. Click below to find out how we can be your confirmer. 
Want to Book or Ask us Some Questions First?  

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Feel free to fill in our online contact form and we will be in contact as soon as possible. 
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