Food Hygiene Training for Organisations 

Our Basic Food Hygiene Training course offers a valuable opportunity to prevent food-borne illnesses and ensure the safety of your customers. With over 2.4 million cases of food-related illnesses reported in the UK each year, it's crucial to take preventive measures. 

Training for Business and Charities 

Are you a business or charity involved in food-related activities? Ensuring the hygiene and therefore the safety of your food is crucial. The Leicestershire Training Team offers a comprehensive Food Hygiene Training Course for businesses and charities like yours. 
Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your employees have the knowledge and skills to handle and store food correctly. Our course covers proper cleaning procedures and safe food storage practices to keep you compliant. 
Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, catering service, food truck, or even a charity organisation involved in food, our training course is tailored to meet your needs. 
Don't leave your business or charity vulnerable to risks. By investing in our training, you protect your customers, minimise staff sickness, and improve your food hygiene rating. It also boosts productivity, revenue, and employee motivation. Join us to create a healthier and safer food environment. 

Food Hygiene Training Course: Enhance Your Knowledge and Skills! 

At Leicestershire Training Team, we understand the importance of proper food handling. Our certified and experienced nurses will provide comprehensive training on food safety requirements, in line with the standards set by the Food Standards Agency. Participants will also gain knowledge on the 4Cs of food hygiene: cleaning, cooking, chilling, and cross-contamination. 
By enrolling your employees in our food hygiene course, you are investing in their skills and knowledge, which ultimately contributes to the well-being of your customers, beneficiaries and the reputation of your establishment. Let us help you create a safe and healthy environment for everyone. 

Benefit from our Food Hygiene Training Course for Businesses and Charities in the UK 

Ensuring the safety and quality of food is crucial for maintaining good health and preventing diseases. Our course equips your employees with the necessary training in food hygiene to minimise staff sickness, protect customers, and maintain or improve your business or charity's food hygiene rating. 
By enrolling in our training programme, your staff will learn effective techniques for cleaning areas where food is stored, cooked, and served. They will also gain knowledge on proper food storage methods to avoid infestations and maintain a hygienic environment. The course focuses on the specific requirements for businesses in the UK, ensuring that your organisation complies with the necessary regulations. 
Upgrading your employees' knowledge and skills through our training programme brings numerous benefits to your business. Increased productivity, higher revenue, and enhanced motivation are just a few of the positive outcomes you can expect. By choosing our courses, you are actively contributing to public health and demonstrating your commitment to food safety. 
Explore our website to learn more about our various courses and the unique advantages they offer. Let us help you achieve success by providing the training your business or charity needs. Contact us today! 

Training with the Leicestershire Training Team 

Training is essential in the workforce, but it can be dull and lead to poor retention. That's why we believe in a different approach. Our training is engaging, interactive, and informative, ensuring that you retain what you learn. We offer unique sessions that combine fun, real-life experience, expert advice, and flexibility. Whether in-person or on Zoom, our well-balanced mix of technology, games, interaction, and activities enhance your staff's skills and knowledge. 

Why Us? 

Amazing, learning made fun, I gained a lot of knowledge, very thorough and easy to process all information. 
Keighley - Senior Carer (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 
I organised tissue viability training which was extremely helpful and informative & because the course was so well led and interesting, I booked again for medication administration. 
Tom - Manager (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 
I found this training session very enjoyable & learnt very important things about medicine which will help me as as a care worker. 
Sachin - Carer (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 
Very comfortable atmosphere. Great tutor who was fun to learn with. Interesting and helpful information 
Yasmin - Senior Carer (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 

All of our courses include complimentary free certificates as well as handouts. Click on a course to find out more info. 


If someone in your workpace or organisation has epilepsy, it is always useful to understand their condition. This will allow you to be able to respond in an emegerncy, but also support that member of staff to truly thrive in your organisation.  


Health & safety is an essential training for anyone in the care industry, as its everyone's responsibility. This full day course covers the laws and regulations surrounding H&S, risk assessing hazards, how to minimise risk, accident reporting plus much much more! 


Equality, diversity and inclusivity is an essential training session for anyone who works in the care industry. This full-day course covers the laws and regulations around equality, diversity and inclusivity, what each element means, how to encourage and adhere to legislation, your rights, plus much much more! 


Infection control and COSHH is an essential training for anyone in the care industry, as its everyone's responsibility. This full day course covers the laws and regulations surrounding infection control and COSHH, what comes under COSHH regulations, how to minimise infections, how to contain infections to reduce the spread, how to store, use and dispose of chemicals, risk assessing hazards, plus much much more! 


Knowinng what to do in an emergency situation is cruical, especially if it's a fire! This course covers what you should do should a fire alarm sound. It also covers how to use fire extingushers, how to prevent fires from starting and much more! 


Food hygiene is an essential training for anyone in the care industry, but especially for carers and catering staff. This half-day course covers the laws and regulations surrounding food hygiene, effective hand washing, storing, cooking and disposing of food, managing a kitchen, food poisoning plus much much more! 
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