Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Training for Organisations 

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to ensure that you are providing culturally appropriate care. At the core of this approach is the concept of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. 

Training for Business and Charities 

Discover the countless benefits of enrolling your business or charity in this transformative course! By equipping your staff with the knowledge and skills to support a diverse range of individuals, you can eradicate any unintentional or accidental acts of discrimination or abuse. Imagine your team confidently taking appropriate actions while maintaining a high level of respect, and treating everyone with dignity and care. 
In today's world, organisations across various sectors, including hospitality, education, non-profits and healthcare are increasingly scrutinised by inspectorate bodies like Ofcom, Ofsted and Local Authorities for their approach to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity. It has never been more crucial for you and your staff to grasp and implement culturally-sensitive practices. 
Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your workplace, strengthen your brand reputation, and drive positive change. Enrol today and unlock a future of inclusive excellence! 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Training, Who’s it for? 

Our course is ideally suited for professionals in business, charitable organisations and many other related sectors including healthcare. This includes executives, managers, team leaders, and entrepreneurs. Whether you are from a business, organisation or charity, our training is customised to cater to your specific needs. For instance, we can tailor the session to address the requirements of many industries and working roles such as home managers, recruitment staff, office-based employees and employers or any individuals working in various business roles. Let us help you enhance your skills and knowledge in a way that is relevant to your industry. 
- Business: Enhance the skills of your care staff to provide exceptional care services to your clients. 
- Charity: Empower your organisation with knowledgeable clinical leads and deputy managers who can effectively oversee care operations. 
- Organisation: Equip your home managers and regional managers with the expertise required to maintain high-quality standards across multiple care homes. 
Elevate your business or charity with our custom-tailored course. 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Training Course: Empowering Your Business or Charity 

This course offers numerous advantages for organisations. By gaining a deeper understanding of how to support a diverse range of individuals and prevent discrimination or mistreatment, your staff will be equipped to take appropriate actions while treating everyone with respect and care. 
For businesses, imagine the benefits our training can give a retail company, that has diverse customers and employees. Completing this course will enable your staff to create an inclusive environment and provide excellent customer service to individuals from all backgrounds, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
Similarly, for charities and organisations, the knowledge and skills gained from this course will help in advocating for equal rights and opportunities. It will enable you to create an inclusive and welcoming environment, fostering collaboration and maximizing success in your mission. 
In summary, this course empowers businesses, charities, organisations, and the healthcare industry to promote equality and diversity. By participating, you will be equipped to make a positive impact and create a more inclusive future for all. 

Training with the Leicestershire Training Team 

We believe in a different approach to workplace training. Our sessions are engaging, interactive, and informative, ensuring excellent retention. With a unique blend of fun, real-life experience, expert advice, and flexibility, our training offers a well-rounded mix of technology, games, interaction, and activities. Whether in-person or on Zoom, we enhance your staff's skills and knowledge. Join us to experience our engaging training that will keep your team motivated and empowered. 

Why Us? 

Amazing, learning made fun, I gained a lot of knowledge, very thorough and easy to process all information. 
Keighley - Senior Carer (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 
I organised tissue viability training which was extremely helpful and informative & because the course was so well led and interesting, I booked again for medication administration. 
Tom - Manager (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 
I found this training session very enjoyable & learnt very important things about medicine which will help me as as a care worker. 
Sachin - Carer (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 
Very comfortable atmosphere. Great tutor who was fun to learn with. Interesting and helpful information 
Yasmin - Senior Carer (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 

All of our courses include complimentary free certificates as well as handouts. Click on a course to find out more info. 


If someone in your workpace or organisation has epilepsy, it is always useful to understand their condition. This will allow you to be able to respond in an emegerncy, but also support that member of staff to truly thrive in your organisation.  


Health & safety is an essential training for anyone in the care industry, as its everyone's responsibility. This full day course covers the laws and regulations surrounding H&S, risk assessing hazards, how to minimise risk, accident reporting plus much much more! 


Equality, diversity and inclusivity is an essential training session for anyone who works in the care industry. This full-day course covers the laws and regulations around equality, diversity and inclusivity, what each element means, how to encourage and adhere to legislation, your rights, plus much much more! 


Infection control and COSHH is an essential training for anyone in the care industry, as its everyone's responsibility. This full day course covers the laws and regulations surrounding infection control and COSHH, what comes under COSHH regulations, how to minimise infections, how to contain infections to reduce the spread, how to store, use and dispose of chemicals, risk assessing hazards, plus much much more! 


Knowinng what to do in an emergency situation is cruical, especially if it's a fire! This course covers what you should do should a fire alarm sound. It also covers how to use fire extingushers, how to prevent fires from starting and much more! 


Food hygiene is an essential training for anyone in the care industry, but especially for carers and catering staff. This half-day course covers the laws and regulations surrounding food hygiene, effective hand washing, storing, cooking and disposing of food, managing a kitchen, food poisoning plus much much more! 
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