What does first aid training include? 

Do you know what first aid training should include? Being trained in first aid is important and may be needed no matter where you go, especially if there's a chance that someone could get injured. 
It's important to protect yourself, your family, and the people around you by having the knowledge and skills to provide emergency care if it becomes necessary. Fortunately, with proper first aid training, anyone can become prepared for potential medical emergencies – but what does that training involve? Read on to find out! 
What is first aid? 
First aid is the initial care given to an injured person before professional medical treatment can be undertaken. It includes life saving techniques such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and managing choking, as well as other basic treatments such as bandaging a wound, controlling bleeding, and preventing infection. 
First aid is often taught in first aid classes/courses. These classes teach people how to identify and respond to common emergencies, such as heart attacks, strokes, and burns. They also teach people how to handle common medical emergencies, such as seizures and allergic reactions. 
First aid can help buy time until professional medical help arrives. It can also prevent injuries from worsening or even prevent death. For this reason, it may be important for you to be first aid trained. 
What first aid training courses are there? 
Emergency first aid is a very popular course as it teaches you the essentials for first aid. It includes the skills and knowledge needed to deal with a medical emergency until help arrives. 
The first aid at work course is usually done by people who are dedicated first aiders at a workplace, such as teachers, factory workers, office workers, etc. It includes the skills and knowledge needed to deal with workplace injuries and illnesses. Workplace first aid is a 3-day long course and covers the essentials and more. 
First aid requalification is required to maintain a certification in first aid. This type of training refreshes the skills and knowledge learned in the 3-day first aid course. It also helps prepare participants for potential emergencies they may encounter in their everyday lives. 
Mental health first aid training teaches people how to identify and respond to signs of mental illness or distress in others. This type of training is important for people who work with or interact with others on a regular basis, such as teachers, coaches, employers, etc. 
There are also other first aid training courses available such as basic life support, emergency first aid for schools, paediatric first aid, and more! 
What are the benefits of first aid training? 
There are many benefits to first aid training. One of the most important is that it can help save lives. In many cases, first aid can be the difference between life and death. First aid can also help prevent injuries from becoming worse, and it can help people recover from injuries more quickly. First aid training can also help people feel more confident in their ability to respond to emergencies. This can be especially helpful if someone is ever faced with an emergency situation no matter where they are. 
Who should receive first aid training? 
Anyone can benefit from first aid training, and it is especially important for people who work with the public or spend a lot of time around children. Whether you're a teacher, daycare provider, or parent, having first aid skills can benefit you massively. 
First aid training is an important skill that everyone should have. If you're not sure where to start, contact us here at The Leicestershire Training Team for advice. 
In conclusion, first aid is an important life skill for both individuals and businesses. It will include basic skills such as CPR and AED use, managing choking, medical emergencies, burns and wound care, environmental emergencies, and more. Taking a course today will give you the confidence to effectively respond when faced with any kind of emergency situation. So take action now! Take a look at our website for our different first aid courses and please contact us if you have any questions about getting started on your certification! 
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