Why Is Mandatory Training Important?  

What is mandatory training? 
Mandatory healthcare training refers to employee training that has been deemed required by an organisation to safely and efficiently deliver services. Due to its importance for safety, this training often occurs before beginning a new position, or at the very least as soon as the role begins. 
In addition to being required by the organisation, it’s also often required by national and local policies and guidelines. Mandatory training may therefore also include statutory training. In addition to being required by law and regulation, consider these 4 reasons why mandatory training is so important. 
Why is it important? 
1. It creates a safe work environment 
Although you may believe that you’re responsible for your own safety alone, on a job site, you’re also responsible for the safety of others. While you are accountable for your own actions, you’re accountable for how your actions affect others. 
Mandatory healthcare training helps you understand the health and safety regulations that make sure the working environment is safe for everyone. By learning the correct knowledge and developing the skills needed to do your job safely, you minimise the potential of harming yourself and others. 
2. It ensures care is safe and effective 
Whether you're employed with a clinical practice or serve the general public in some way, you have a responsibility to care for those who interact with your organisation. If you are involved in child protection or need to move a large number of people safely, or you may just generally need to ensure proper hygiene is being practiced to protect staff and customers from infectious diseases and illnesses. 
In both cases, mandatory healthcare training will ensure that both internal and external stakeholders are receiving safe and effective care. 
3. It supports staff in meeting professional standards 
Public laws and regulations often require that staff meet professional standards. By providing mandatory healthcare training, staff are well supported to meet these standards by their employing organisation. 
It's important that nurses keep on top of their clinical practice in order to practice in the UK and revalidate. This allows them to maintain registration with the NMC (nursing and midwifery council) as well as showing continued ability to practice safely and effectively. This is a continuous process that nurses will engage with throughout their career. 
Not only does mandatory healthcare training improve staff confidence, but reflects well on the organisation too. 
4. It creates a positive workspace culture 
By emphasising the importance of mandatory healthcare training, your organisation shows its commitment to creating a positive workspace culture of safety. A company that looks out for their employees and customers by providing mandatory training shows that they want their staff to feel respected, well supported, and comfortable with speaking out when something they are uncomfortable with occurs. 
In addition to mandatory training, courses on developing and maintaining positive work relationships, promoting equality and diversity, and exploring different ways of working can also help develop a positive workspace culture. 
Contact Leicestershire Training Team Today 
The Leicestershire Training Team is the ideal choice for UK mandatory healthcare training that is interactive, affordable, and fun. All instructors are fully trained nurses with extensive experience, so you know you’re in the right hands. Training sessions can also be tailored to fit the unique needs of your company. 
If you’re ready to book a mandatory training course or have any questions about content and pricing, contact The Leicestershire Training Team today and one of their friendly and knowledgeable team members will be happy to assist you. 
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