Who Needs a Food Hygiene Certificate? 

If you run, own, or work in a business that handles food, you may want to get a food hygiene certificate. It is easy to get and it can help out if there is ever an inspection. Here is all you need to know about the process. 
What Is a Food Hygiene Certificate? 
A food hygiene certificate is a document that says you know all there is to know about properly handling food to ensure it is not contaminated, it is safe, it is clean, and there has not been any cross contamination with other foods or allergens. This certificate proves you are running and maintaining a safe eating environment for everyone who comes through the front door 
Who Needs a Food Hygiene Certificate? 
Anyone who handles food is eligible to get their food hygiene certificate. Jobs that require or can get the certificate are: 
Bars and restaurants 
Food trucks 
School cafeterias 
Catering companies 
Care centres 
Recreational centres 
If you are an employee or any kind of worker in these locations, you can get your food hygiene certificate. Although it is not required by law, a lot of institutions require that an employee go through food hygiene training in order to know what to do during an inspection or put into place practices that will constantly keep standards high and keep working conditions on par with what inspectors are looking for when they come for inspection. 
What Is the Training Course? 
According to the Food Safety Act of 1990, there are four main areas that you will learn about in your food hygiene training course. These areas are referred to as the 4 C’s and they are: 
Cooking - ensuring the food is cooked properly and not a health hazard 
Cleaning - ensuring all cooking areas are well maintained and free from germs 
Cross-contamination - ensuring all surfaces are clean and different foods don’t mix 
Chilling - ensuring all food is stored at the proper temperature to guarantee it is not spoiled 
Along with these four important elements, the training course also covers personal hygiene like handwashing, keeping your hair tied up, and keeping clothing clean in order to prevent dirt and germs from entering food. 
Where Can I Get a Food Hygiene Certificate? 
Basic food hygiene training can be done online or face to face. Through Leicestershire Training Team you can start earning your food safety licence right away. We offer all levels of food hygiene training from basic food hygiene training to manager and supervisor level training. We have what you need for your entire team, and everyone can train from the same place and all get the same training. 
You can contact Leicestershire Training Team today at 0116 481 0323 or email us at info@leicestershiretrainingteam.co.uk. We will start your team on their way to basic food hygiene training so that everyone who works in your establishment will be fully trained and fully prepared for any inspections from an environmental health officer. 
Contact us now and protect your customers, your staff, and your business. 
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