Who Can Be My Revalidation Confirmer 

You've done all the hardwork and are at the end of the NMC revalidation process. It's now very important to get the right confirmer to fully complete your revalidation.  
If you want to continue working as a nurse in the UK, there's one thing you legally have to do; and that is remain on the NMC's register. The NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council) are the only register in the UK for nurses & midwives, if you're not on the register, you can not legally practice.  
Every three years the NMC are asking people to revalidate. The end of your revalidation process is a sit down discussion with your confirmer, but what does this mean?  
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What is a NMC Confirmer? 
A NMC confirmer is not an official for the NMC, they don't work for them, or need to be registered with them. A confirmer is usually a professional or someone who is your line-manager.  
The NMC do stress that ideally your confirmer is your line-manager, where this is not possible, the second best option is another nurse or a midwife. 
Your confirmer does not need to be the same person you did your reflective discussion with, but you can do it all together in one go if you want.  
Who Can Be My NMC Confirmer? 
There is a long list of people who can complete your confirmation for you, some of these are listed below: 
Occupational Therapist 
Social Worker 
Speech And Language Therapist 
However judges, police officers, accountants, teachers and solicitors can also be your confirmer. For the complete list, please click the link here: NMC Revalidation Confirmer List 
Like mentioned above, the ideal confirmer is your manager, if unavailable then another nurse or midwife. You should only go to the above list if the first two options are not appropriate or available for you.  
What Does A NMC Confirmer Do? 
A NMC revalidation confirmer checks you've fully completed the revalidation process. They in-effect do this on behalf of the NMC. The NMC do not require you to submit any of your documents to them when you complete your revalidation process on your NMC portal. They ask you whether or not all the elements of your revalidation have been completed, you have insurance, you are of fit character to practice as a nurse and your confirmer has checked this.  
It's important to remember that a confirmer is not there to assess the quality of your practice or even your fitness to practice, just that you can demonstrate that you have provided enough evidence to show you've meet the NMC revalidation requirements. 
When you are having your confirmation discussion, it is again ideally done face to face, although this also includes using online platforms. Either way, you need to provide the evidence to your confirmer that you've meet all the requirements of your revalidation. If you are unable to prove this, and have not used the NMC templates, you're confirmer is not able to sign you off as completing your revalidation. So please ensure you use the NMC templates and have your evidence ready! 
You will also need to have your NMC Pin number to hand for your confirmer to complete the Confirmer Record template, we're add a link here for the template: NMC Confirmer Template for Revalidation Your confirmer will also need the date of your last revalidation or if its your first, the date you started on the NMC register. To find this information, log onto your NMC Portal, or see the NMC Revalidation letter the NMC will have sent you. If your confirmer is a nurse, midwife or a nursing associate, you'll need their NMC Pin number to add to your revalidation record.  
Please do remember that your revalidation process is due every three years. As long as you complete it prior to your expiry date, you'll be okay. You can complete it 6 months or even a year earlier if you wish. The NMC would prefer you to not complete it any earlier than 3 months to ensure the information is as up to date as possible.  
How Do I Record My Confirmation? 
Recording you Confirmation is nice and easy. Your confirmer will need to use the NMC Confirmation Record template which will highlight what they will need to record, what they need to ask you and what evidence they need to see. There are sections for your own details, such as your name, your NMC Pin number, your insurance details, your job title etc. It can be useful for you to complete this in advance for your confirmer to speed up the process. However, please double check with your confirmer, as some confirmers wish to complete the entire record by themselves, with you present.  
Once your NMC Confirmer Record has been complete, please do keep it safe and ideally make a digital copy for save keeping. The NMC may request it at any time during the next three years. 
We've put the NMC Revalidation Confirmer Record Template here: NMC Confirmer Template for Revalidation 
Is There Any Guidance From The NMC? 
The NMC have been very good at providing templates and examples for nurses to use. We've got them here in the links below: 
Please do use the NMC Confirmer Record Template, the NMC state you must use it. The NMC do state that you can complete the template either electronically on Word or print it out to hand write the Confirmer Record. If you're more of a hand writer than a typer, it's useful to scan your Confirmer Record to get a digital copy to. Don't forget to mark your revalidation application date in the calendar and keep contact details updated for NMC online services.  
NMC registration is crucial for nurses, midwives, and nursing practice. Regular feedback, meeting professional standards, and ensures safe and effective care. The Leicestershire Training Team is a provider of medical revalidation services for registered nurses. Our comprehensive suite of services includes support with written reflections on professional issues, mentoring and coaching sessions, as well as participatory learning experiences to ensure that nurses are meeting all requirements to renew their registration before the renewal date. We also provide a confirmer sign off service free of charge. We understand that revalidation can be a complex and time-consuming process which is why our expert team of professionals are here to provide guidance, support and advice throughout. Our learning centre provides an easy way to find all your revalidation answers in one place; you can quickly enter your search criteria and access all the information you need in one go. With Leicestershire Training Team, you can be sure that your revalidation process is in safe hands and completed accurately and efficiently.  
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