What is dementia awareness training? 

A lot of individuals, especially care workers, support people who are living with dementia. We are diagnosing dementia at greater rates than ever before, thanks to improvements in recognising & diagnosing it. Dementia is generally thought of as an older person’s condition although it affects all ages. 
As such, a better understanding of the disorder, how it affects people, and how you can assist those who experience it, can be essential in supporting the people that are part of your life. To that end, dementia awareness training can help you in how you respond to people with the condition and can put you in a much better position when it comes to their care. 
What is dementia awareness training? 
Dementia awareness training is effectively a course that is designed to equip people with the skills that they need to care for, support, and better understand those living with dementia. It can help you become more comfortable around people with the condition, improving awareness and decreasing the stigmas around it. The course includes: 
- Information on the types of dementia 
- Instances of the effects and development of dementia 
- The common signs and symptoms 
- The risk factors that can lead to the development of dementia 
- The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and how it affects people with dementia 
- Tailoring your support to make it more person-centered 
- How to plan care and risk assess your support 
Why should you consider dementia awareness training? 
If you work with people with dementia, then there are clear benefits to being better able to understand their actions and the condition that affects them. When you can better see the impact of the condition on the behaviour of the individual, then you can treat them with more insight, helping to establish a better relationship, which can be vital between carers and service users. 
What’s more, if you work in health care, then getting the information that allows you to offer solutions that are more specific to the clients and patients that you work with can greatly help the outcomes of your service. What’s more, this kind of training can be important if there are any inspectorial bodies, regulations, or other authorities that you need to be compliant with. 
Who is it for? 
Most dementia awareness training courses, including the course provided by Leicestershire Training Team, are designed specifically for healthcare workers and other care providers who work with people who experience dementia. However, it can be of great benefit to anyone who wants to better understand what dementia is and how to support those with it; including family members and loved ones of individuals with dementia. 
Sign up for dementia awareness training today 
The Leicestershire Training Team offer dementia awareness training that takes half a day to complete. We can offer training at your venue or via Zoom, with certification that is provided at no extra cost and lasts one year. If you’re in need of dementia awareness training, get in touch with Leicestershire Training Team today. 
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