Sepsis Training 

Understanding how to prevent sepsis and recognise it is crucial to saving people's lives.  



What is Sepsis Training? 

The Sepsis Trust estimate that 250,000 people in the UK are affected by sepsis each year. This life-threatening condition sadly takes over 50,000 lives each year.  
Sepsis training is crucial within the healthcare industry. Our training not only highlights what sepsis is, but more importantly, it informs your staff how to prevent and recognise it; providing your staff with a powerful tool to safeguard the people you support.  

What Are The Benefits of This Course, Sepsis Training? 

Experiencing sepsis is not uncommon, with nearly 5 million cases globally. Unfortunately sepsis can occur in anyone, at any age. One of the key learning points with our course is being able to prevent and recognise the condition. The quicker the condition can be identified, the quicker the support can be from others, ultimately reducing the risk of harm to the individual.  
Through completing our Sepsis training course, you will not only receive potentially life saving information, but have the opportunity to ask our trainers all the questions you need to. All our trainers are experts, whether nurses or ex-fire fighters, all with real hands on experience of the subject they are teaching. This way, you get the real life information you need.  

Who’s It For, Sepsis Training? 

Our Sepsis Awareness course is for anyone working with people in the healthcare industry.  
This includes nursery workers, child minders, care staff, nurses, G.Ps and many more different roles.  

Why Choose Us 

The training was very informative and the encouragement of participation was excellent. 
Tamar - Carer (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 
Really friendly trainer, the information was given in a fun and dynamic way. Great training. 
Nicole - Carer (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 
It was very detailed and useful as it enabled me to expand my knowledge and being able to apply it in my practice to be better throughout my profession 
M.J - Carer (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 
I really enjoyed it and getting to know more about working in the care and that's why I love my job and it really makes you feel more confident in your self 
Louise - Carer (5 Star Trustpilot Review) 

All of our courses include complimentary free certificates as well as handouts.  

Whats Covered? 
The whole session is taught by a registered nurse with real hands-on experience. The session robustly covers sepsis awareness including: 
What is sepsis 
How it occurs 
What can increase the risk of developing sepsis 
How to recognise sepsis 
How to manage sepsis 
Creating personalised risk assessments and care plans 
When to call an ambulance 
Course Details  
Here are some details about the course to help you decide whether or not its for you.  
This is a 2 hour - half day course 
This course can be taught at your venue or via Zoom, whichever you prefer 
This course is certificated and handouts are provided for free 
The certification for the course lasts one year 
There is a small practical element during this course which is optional 
The price of this course depends on the size of the group; however we pride ourselves on being affordable for all. please contact us for more information. 

Training with the Leicestershire Training Team 

Training is one of the most important aspects of anyone's working life, however it is commonly a source of boredom, resulting in a poor retainment of information. This is why we started thinking about training differently. For us, the training needs to be engaging as well as informative, so what you learn today, will be remembered tomorrow.  
Training with us is a unique experience, with a potent mixture of fun, interactivity, real life experience and expert advice. We only use trained professionals, such as our nurse trainers, to deliver our training. This way you are taught by someone with real hands on experience.  
Want to Book or Ask us Some Questions First?  

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